Account Pricing

ProductionWise is a free website available for all broad acre cropping Australia wide. There is no cost to create an account and setup your farm. Your account will not expire or be deleted.

The site enables the recording, monitoring and management of farming operations in a fast, convenient and simple format. Various account types are available depending on farm size and acreage required

Additional system functionality is available for Levels 1, 2 and Corporate subscribers. These tools assist you in making better management decisions.

If you are unsure about the features offered by these account types or would just like more information about any of the features we offer please refer to the Features page.

*Due to technical limitations farms can consist of a maximum of 70 paddocks and 100 grain storages, there is no limit on the amount of farms you can create.

  • icon Grower - Free Cost: $0 Area: No area limit Period: No time limit

    Includes unlimited access to the following features:

    • Advanced farm mapping
    • Paddock & grain storage diaries
    • Prepopulated lists for efficient data entry
    • Grower / Adviser communication & reporting
    • Paddock specific topographic details
    • Grain supply & sales management
    • Secure information storage
    • Export & print friendly data forms
  • +1 Grower - Level One Cost: $550 Area: 5,000ha Period: 52 Weeks

    Includes all free features as well as the following subscription tools:

    • Climatic & Biomass Monitoring
    • Rainfall Forecasting
    • Yield & Production Forecasting
    • Production Profiling & Benchmarking Indicators
    • Gross Margin Analysis
  • +2 Grower - Level Two Cost: $1,100 Area: 20,000ha Period: 52 Weeks

    For medium scale producers. Includes all subscription tools as well as increased area limits.

  • +3 Grower - Corporate Cost: $5,500 Area: No area limit Period: 52 Weeks

    For large scale producers. Includes all subscription tools as well as increased area limits.

  • icon Adviser Cost: $1,100 Period: 52 Weeks

    This account is designed for advisers. They can connect to growers and access all grower decision tools.