ProductionWise was developed by GrainGrowers to provide an online crop management platform for farmers. Utilising digital tools to record on-farm activities and operations you will achieve greater traceability, improved accountability and as a result, achieve greater yields and profits through smarter farming.

Purpose and Goals

The site has been developed for anyone to use. We provide the core system components free of charge which include digital farm mapping tools, paddock and grain storage management and diary. The diary interface allows you to record all management practices, inputs and operations for an individual paddock. The ability to select from exhaustive lists of crop varieties, fertilisers and chemicals enables prompt, precise data entry. Emerging products, varieties and techniques used in the industry are regularly added to in ProductionWise to provide fingertip access to the latest information.

Secure, Seamless Information Access

Any information entered into ProductionWise is securely saved on our servers. You can access your account wherever you have an internet connection – even in the paddock through a smart phone device. Data entered into the system can be exported to a spread sheet. GrainGrowers seamlessly updates ProductionWise content without any user inconvenience. This prevents the user from continuously downloading software patches and upgrades which can be labour intensive and frustrating.

Free Access and Pricing

The core mapping and record keeping structure of ProductionWise is free and accessible indefinitely. Advanced functionality, available through subscription, will give you access to tools that process management records and climatic predictions for your farm and calculate yield forecasts. You will have access to long-term rainfall forecasts, climatic history and biomass monitoring for your paddocks.

Advanced Tools and Functionality

The system can generate a production profile based on your cropping history to determine production performance. Paddock level gross margin analysis enables the user to track production costs. The system also enables your advisor to be able to monitor and manage your account through full read and write access with your permission. ProductionWise tools are frequently being upgraded and as a subscriber, you have automatic access to new system releases.

Get Started

See for yourself how the flexibility and functionality of ProductionWise can benefit your farm enterprise. Start the registration process.